A unique and original concept: a guillotine shearing machine and a hydraulic press brake combined into one machine.

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Technical information

  • Capacity of the shearing unit: 3,050 x 6 mm
  • Capacity of the bending unit: 3,200 between the C-frames and 100T of tonnage
  • 3-axis numerical control: X / Y1 / Y2 with synchronisation of the table
  • Motor-driven back gauges: 700 mm long with an automatic sheet support for the shearing unit (option)

More informations

2-year equipment warranty – More than 1,200 users in Europe, of which more than 600 are in France.

Sheet metal fabricators and aluminium joinery companies employing 1 to 250 people across France are set up to provide demonstrations of how the machine works.

JC COLOMBO provides comprehensive training to teach you the bending methods that will enable you to improve your accuracy and produce parts more effectively.

This new Combi is equipped with the CybElec Cyb Touch 15 numerical control system It controls both the shearing and the bending part.

In terms of capacities, machines are available in sizes of 1 metre twenty, 2 metres or 3 metres.

We have a cutting capacity of 6 mm steel in the shearing part and a bending capacity of 75 tonnes that allows us to bend up to 4 mm steel over 3 metres.

The special feature of this new version is that we have a graphic mode that allows you to bend either in numerical mode by setting the angle, thickness and material, or in graphic mode where you draw your part on the screen, and then have a 2D simulation that allows you to visualise the feasibility.

With the Combi Graph, we’ve put together all the options and technology we can offer on a combined machine.

You really do have the equivalent of 2 nice high-end CNC machines.

With this Graph Evolution combined with 3 NC axes, the Combi has taken another step forward, while maintaining a reasonable price level for your benefit.

Machine entirely manufactured for more than 40 years in Spain (90 km from Perpignan).

So if this version is of interest to you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re at your disposal at any time.

Standard and complete equipment

  • Motor-driven back gauges (stops)
  • 13 sheet holders fitted with pads
  • Illumination of the cut line with shadowing for precise cutting to the line
  • Sheet support fingers
  • Squaring guide, 1 m long with 1 front stop
  • Single-piece and reversible blade, 4 cutting edges

Possible options 

  • 2nd squaring guide with front stop, Ref. 2301/71
  • 2 m or 3 m-long squaring guide, Ref. 2301/10
  • Adjustable protractor, Ref. 2301/75
  • Pneumatic rear sheet support, Ref. 2301/14
  • Vertical sheet storage rack, Ref. 1520
  • 3 removable back gauges (stops) with fine adjustment
  • 2 front-fitted sheet supports for bending
  • 4 gooseneck bending punches, total length 3,100 mm, Ref. 10.14/Matrice 1 “vé règle” 8° (min U for bending = 20x15x20 mm)
  • 1 gooseneck bending punch, 240 mm long, Ref. 10.14/88°
  • 16 intermediate punch supports Total bending height = 200 mm
  • One, 9-V die (V openings of 8 / 10 / 12 /14 / 18 / 24 / 32 / 45 mm), 3,100 mm long, Ref. 1318

Possible options

  • Safety light curtain in front of machine, Ref. 2301/74
  • 1012/30° punch with R= 2 mm, 835 mm long, Ref. 6004/1-30
  • 1012/30° sectionalised punch with R= 2 mm, 835 mm long, Ref. 6004/1-30 FRACT
  • 1014/88° punch, 835 mm long, Ref. 6002/1
  • 1014/88° sectionalised punch, 835 mm long, Ref. 6003
  • Quick-tightening clamps, Ref. 2301/49-1

Important: many Amada tools can be adapted for use on the COmBi

  • “1-V straight-edge die” for insertion or in “inverted T”
  • Tooling for crushed bends
  • Radius tooling
  • “Heavy-duty V die” up to 80 mm

Work in premium mode

Cut your sheet steel on a vertical-cutting guillotine shearing machine fitted with a high-precision motor-driven back gauge for top quality cutting. Work on sheet steel thicknesses from 0.75 mm to 6 mm with no need to adjust blade clearance, with a gradual and electronically regulated down stroke. Perform bending operations simply using a synchronised press brake thanks to its direct programming of angles that is accessible to all operators. Prototypes or large production runs: with its automatic programmes and its synchronisation of the left- and right-hand cylinders, you can get part production right first time and achieve the productivity levels of your dreams!